Batman Mobius Chair Joker

Batman Mobius Chair Joker

Turns out, the mobius chair likes to speak in cryptic riddles on occasion. To his surprise however, the chair revealed that there wasn't one, but three jokers.

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How the mobius chair knew the answer.

Batman mobius chair joker. Batman and the mobius chair. It seems batman's time aboard metron's mobius chair will bear fruit in an upcoming issue. At least that was batman’s takeaway.

Who he really is doesn't matter. At first, the answer remained hidden with batman only expressing disbelief and confusion before returning to the matters at hand. When batman used the mobius chair, it was able to reveal the joker's greatest secret.

The dc universe is replete with powerful objects, but few more so than the. Not just good questions, but the right questions. The source of freedom #5!

It is later revealed that the mobius chair told batman there were three jokers, which he later brought up to hal when he asked about it. During the event, batman sat on metron's mobius chair, a powerful artifact which holds all of the knowledge in the universe. When batman gained possession of the mobius chair, a chair that can travel through time and space, he tests its ability to answer any question asked.

In darkseid war, batman asked the mobius chair who joker was. The mobius chair batman isn’t actually a specific version of batman, but rather a phase in the evolution of the prime earth batman. He later gave it to metron, but it was taken from him by batman.

The source of freedom #5! Batman mobius chair cartoon corporation mobiuschair photos videos instagram hashtag on piknow who are the three jokers justice league comicnewbies darkseid war comic book tv tropes mobius chair tumblr chris is on infinite earths dc universe rebirth 1 2016 why dc s rebirth revealing the joker s real name is a bad. All hope lies in doom.

But the ending confirms batman knows, and has always known, the joker's true identity. Dc rebirth to reveal joker's true name. (then again, maybe the chair was being literal and batman should start looking for a guy named joe three, or something.) sigh.

Three jokers had been the dark knight discovering at the end of the new 52 era that there wasn't one supervillain menacing gotham city as the clown prince of crime but three. The revelation stemmed from batman asking the mobius chair the true identity of the joker only to be startled by the news of multiple. Why is the chair being a dick here instead of just giving him three names?

At that point we are not 100% sure what the chair fully showed batman at that moment, but we’re sure it show him that there were 3 jokers. Next, batman asked the mobius chair what is the joker's real name, and is shocked by the results. In justice league #42 ,.

May 27, 2016 batman, bruce wayne, darkseid war, dc comics, grail, green lantern, hal jordan, justice league, mobius chair, new 52 related post batman dc robin But at the end of three jokers, batman essentially tells alfred that he's. Why did batman ask the mobius chair who the joker was, if he already knew?

[dc] when he asked the moebius chair for the joker’s name, it told batman there were three jokers. Spoilers ahead for mister miracle: Of course, one of the first questions he asked it was the real identity of the joker.

Batman is the greatest detective in the justice league, so he has more than his fair share of practice asking questions. Spoilers forward for mister miracle: Metron hastily whisks the league away via the mobius cha.

Not only was it never foreshadowed that batman would know something like that, but it also creates a continuity snarl, because it had already been established that batman didn’t know any of the three jokers’s identities.not to mention that back in darkseid war, batman asked the mobius chair about the. Batman was corrupted by the power of the chair and began to think of himself as an absolute batman dealing absolute justice. When the chair provided him with the answer of joe chill, which he already knew, batman then proceeded to ask the mobius chair for the identity of the joker.

Geez, that mobius chair sure is a stickler for wording isn’t it?!?! Now, dc reveals how the cosmic device actually works. The inciting mystery driving batman:

Batman having known the comedian’s real name since about a week after they first met. During the darkseid war story arc, under the protective watch of the green lantern, hal jordan, batman sits down in the mobius chair.this chair is a vehicle of sorts that has access to all of the knowledge in the multiverse.

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